Smoke Damage Repair

Smoke damage can be one of the most difficult parts of a fire because of the look and lingering smell.
We can help return your home to normal.

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Smoke in The Home

Dealing with the aftermath of a fire can be overwhelming, but professional smoke damage restoration services in Indiana and Michigan are here to help you reclaim your space and peace of mind. Specializing in comprehensive restoration, these experts address every aspect of smoke damage, from soot and odor removal to structural repairs and deep cleaning.

Utilizing state-of-the-art equipment and proven techniques, restoration teams quickly assess the extent of the damage and develop a tailored plan to restore your home or business to its pre-fire condition. Their services include air purification, cleaning and sanitizing surfaces, and restoring damaged personal belongings.

Whether you’re in bustling cities like Indianapolis and Detroit or in quieter towns throughout Indiana and Michigan, you can rely on local restoration professionals for prompt, efficient, and compassionate service. Their goal is to minimize disruption to your life and help you move forward with confidence.

Don’t let smoke damage linger—reach out to experienced restoration specialists in Indiana and Michigan and start the journey to a fresh, clean, and safe environment today.

The process of smoke damage repair involves several steps to thoroughly clean, restore, and deodorize the affected area. Here’s an outline of the typical process:

  1. Assessment and Inspection:
    • Initial Evaluation: Restoration professionals conduct a thorough inspection to assess the extent of the smoke damage. They identify the affected areas and the severity of the damage to create a detailed restoration plan.
    • Safety Assessment: Ensuring the structural safety of the building and identifying any immediate hazards.
  2. Ventilation:
    • Airflow: Increasing ventilation by opening windows and using fans to help disperse smoke particles and reduce odors.
  3. Removal of Soot and Residue:
    • Dry Cleaning: Using dry cleaning sponges and HEPA vacuums to remove loose soot from surfaces.
    • Wet Cleaning: Applying specialized cleaning solutions and techniques to remove stubborn soot and residue from surfaces, including walls, ceilings, and floors.
  4. Deodorization:
    • Air Scrubbers: Using air scrubbers with HEPA filters to remove smoke particles from the air.
    • Ozone Treatment: Deploying ozone generators to neutralize smoke odors in the affected area.
    • Thermal Fogging: Applying deodorizing agents through thermal fogging to penetrate hard-to-reach areas and neutralize odors embedded in materials.
  5. Cleaning and Sanitizing:
    • Furniture and Upholstery: Deep cleaning and sanitizing furniture, carpets, and upholstery to remove soot and odors.
    • Hard Surfaces: Cleaning and disinfecting hard surfaces, such as countertops, appliances, and fixtures.
    • Personal Belongings: Restoring personal items, including clothing, electronics, and valuable items, often using specialized cleaning techniques.
  6. HVAC System Cleaning:
    • Ductwork Cleaning: Cleaning the HVAC system and ductwork to remove soot and smoke particles that could be circulating throughout the building.
  7. Structural Repairs:
    • Replacing Damaged Materials: Removing and replacing damaged building materials, such as drywall, insulation, and flooring.
    • Repainting and Refinishing: Repainting walls and ceilings and refinishing affected surfaces.
  8. Final Inspection and Verification:
    • Quality Check: Conducting a final inspection to ensure all smoke damage has been addressed, the area is clean, and odors have been eliminated.
    • Customer Walkthrough: Walking the property owner through the restored area to ensure satisfaction with the results.

Throughout the process, restoration professionals use industry-standard equipment and techniques to ensure thorough and effective smoke damage repair, restoring the affected area to its pre-fire condition.

In the Middle of a Loss?

What To Do

    • Ensure Safety First:
      • Avoid entering the property until it is declared safe by fire authorities.
      • Wear protective gear (gloves, masks) if you need to enter the affected area.
    • Contact Professionals:
      • Call a professional smoke damage restoration service for a thorough assessment and cleanup.
      • Notify your insurance company to start the claims process.
    • Ventilate the Area:
      • Open windows and doors to allow fresh air to circulate and help disperse smoke and odors.
      • Use fans to increase airflow if safe to do so.
    • Document the Damage:
      • Take photographs and make detailed notes of all smoke and fire damage for insurance purposes.
    • Remove Soot and Ash:
      • Use a HEPA vacuum to remove loose soot from surfaces.
      • Avoid using regular vacuums as they can spread soot particles.
    • Clean Surfaces:
      • Use dry cleaning sponges to wipe down walls, ceilings, and other surfaces.
      • Follow up with wet cleaning using mild detergent solutions for stubborn soot.
    • Deodorize the Environment:
      • Utilize air purifiers and deodorizers to reduce smoke odor.
      • Consider professional treatments such as ozone generators or thermal fogging for persistent odors.
    • Wash Textiles:
      • Launder curtains, clothing, and other washable fabrics with mild detergent and baking soda.
      • Use specialized cleaning services for non-washable textiles like upholstery.
    • Check and Clean HVAC Systems:
      • Replace air filters in HVAC systems to prevent smoke particles from recirculating.
      • Have the ductwork professionally cleaned.
    • Clean and Restore Personal Items:
      • Clean hard-surfaced items with mild soap and water.
      • Use professional restoration services for valuable or sentimental items.
    • Inspect and Repair Structural Damage:
      • Check for structural issues that may have been compromised by smoke or fire.
      • Hire professionals to repair and replace damaged materials such as drywall, insulation, and flooring.
    • Prevent Mold and Mildew:
      • Ensure the area is thoroughly dried to prevent mold growth from any water used to extinguish the fire.
      • Use dehumidifiers to remove excess moisture from the air.
    • Monitor Health:
      • Be aware of potential health issues related to smoke exposure, such as respiratory problems.
      • Seek medical advice if you experience any symptoms.

    By following these steps, you can begin to mitigate the effects of smoke damage and restore your property to its pre-fire condition.

What Not To Do

    • Do Not Enter the Property Unprotected:
      • Avoid entering the property without proper safety gear (gloves, masks) to protect yourself from harmful soot and debris.
    • Do Not Use Electrical Appliances:
      • Refrain from using any electrical appliances that may have been exposed to smoke or soot until they have been inspected and cleaned by a professional.
    • Do Not Attempt DIY Cleaning:
      • Avoid using regular household vacuum cleaners to remove soot, as they can spread soot particles and further contaminate the area.
      • Do not attempt to wash walls, ceilings, or other absorbent surfaces with water, as this can cause soot to smear and set into the material.
    • Do Not Eat or Drink Exposed Items:
      • Discard any food, beverages, or medications that were exposed to smoke and soot, as they may be contaminated and unsafe to consume.
    • Do Not Ignore the HVAC System:
      • Avoid turning on the HVAC system, as this can spread soot and smoke particles throughout the property, exacerbating contamination.
    • Do Not Use Soot-Covered Items:
      • Refrain from using furniture, clothing, or other items covered in soot until they have been professionally cleaned.
    • Do Not Disturb the Soot:
      • Avoid wiping or scrubbing soot-covered surfaces, as improper cleaning methods can cause permanent damage and make cleaning more difficult.
    • Do Not Use Water on Electrical Components:
      • Do not use water or wet cleaning methods on electrical components or outlets, as this poses a risk of electrical shock or further damage.
    • Do Not Delay Professional Help:
      • Avoid postponing the call to professional smoke damage restoration services, as timely intervention is crucial to minimizing damage and restoring the property effectively.
    • Do Not Overlook Structural Integrity:
      • Do not ignore potential structural damage caused by the fire and smoke. Have a professional assess the integrity of the building before reoccupying.
    • Do Not Use Deodorizers and Air Fresheners:
      • Avoid masking smoke odors with deodorizers or air fresheners, as they do not address the underlying issue and can mix with smoke odors, creating an unpleasant smell.
    • Do Not Neglect Health Precautions:
      • Do not neglect personal health precautions. Smoke and soot can cause respiratory issues and other health problems, so take necessary measures to protect yourself and others.

    By avoiding these actions, you can help ensure a safer and more effective smoke damage restoration process.

Roberta Salyer
Roberta Salyer
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Service Master out of Granger has been the biggest blessing to me with the flood that I encountered August 2021. From the onset to the bring back of content, this service has been phenomenal on many levels. After experiencing such a devastating loss,, Angelica, Matt, and their team made the process so easy and comforting. Being involved with their services for over two years with phone calls and going to their storage area multiple times, their friendly assistance has made them feel like life-long friends. I can help honestly say that because of these people that I was able to endure dealing with insurance and keep my emotional sanity when I was falling apart.
Dawn Bechtel
Dawn Bechtel
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We highly recommend using ServiceMaster! They’ve gone above and beyond to help us get our home restored. All of the staff are friendly, courteous, knowledgeable and helpful! Thank you Matt and crew!!!
Amanda Conmy
Amanda Conmy
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Service master responded quickly to my call. Everyone was professional and polite! Highly recommend
Cheryl Rose
Cheryl Rose
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Service Master has done work for me both at home and at the office. They came to the rescue quickly when needed and did a great job. I would recommend them to anyone who needs disaster relief quickly.
Colleen D
Colleen D
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The team at Service Master were all thoughtful and kind and enjoyable to have in my home, Angelica was always great with getting back to me and staying in touch and keeping me informed. I thought that it took way too long to get the job done, but I was pleased with the finish project. Jerry, Rya, Kathy and John were all great in the field.
Michael Williams
Michael Williams
Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Google.
Had a major water break in a bathroom. ServiceMaster rapid response and thorough water damage and mold prevention services played a major role in minimizing damage and cost of repair and restoration work. They provided an onsite storage pod to protect personal propery, packed and unpacked many boxes. When restoration was completed. Their knowledge of homeowner insurance was a tremendous help in filling insurance claim.
em w
em w
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Zero stars! We had a leak from our toilet. Service Master in Granger came and did the tear out of all the wet materials of the home... floors, vanity, walls, and left our furniture in the home with their mega fans and "air purifiers"... swirling around all the sewage air on all our personal belongings. Then our insurance company sent a POD for our personal belongings (furniture, rugs, mattress, storage bed.) Matt Parker of Service Master sent a moving company "My Movers" to move our stuff into the POD. Like thieves in the night "My Movers South Bend" came into our home without notice or warning, moved our stuff from the home, WE NEVER EVEN SAW THE MOVERS." "My Movers South Bend" damage our Suede Chair, didn't wrap our mattress just shoved it into our POD on the filthy floor, destroyed my Storage bed so it will never be right, and shoved our white slipcover loveseat on its fabric into the POD on the filthy floor... THEY DID NOT WRAP ANYTHING!!!!!!! They left and we didn't get to witness this move at all. Because again they didn't let us know that they were coming! Matt Parker at Service Master offered to "on site spot clean" the mattress with a bunch of chemicals, clean the now filthy loveseat, and hasn't even acknowledged my storage bed. Then decided that the suede chair was already damaged. (my walls showed damage from the jamming of my chair through the hall and doorway. Service Master in Granger, and My Movers flipped us the bird after they basically vandalized our things. I say vandalized cuz we weren't even home for the movers. Matt Parker picked the "My Movers South Bend"... I did not! IN RESPONSE TO MATT BELOW, because of the damage we originally went to AUTO OWNERS INSURANCE TO DEAL WITH SERVICE MASTERS DAMAGE TO OUR FURNITURE MOVED TO THE POD! NOT CLAIMING WATER DAMAGE! Auto Owners told us to deal with Matt Parker directly. The bed was not damaged before it was moved from the house, the chair was jammed through the door damaging my walls and the chair legs, the mattress was filthy after being shoved into the POD, and the White Slipcover was filthy after also being shoved into the POD! Matt, never talked about replacing the slipcover! Matt you have dragged this out since September and never fully took responsibility... today 11/20/23 you still have been blowing me off after a plethora of email exchanges... I did NOT hire My Movers... Matt Parker hired them!
Mary Van Parys-Niven
Mary Van Parys-Niven
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Repair work hasn't started yet... official review now would possibly be inaccurate... they've been very helpful so far!
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