Carpet Pet Stain Removal Overview

Carpets are the most used surface in your home. Thanks to gravity, everything eventually ends up on them at one time or another. Even the best pet has a mistake every now and then. It is critical to remove it quickly so that it doesn’t ruin the carpet forever.

The first step of odor removal is to identify and remove the source. We can neutralize most organic, odor causing agents that are in your carpet. With the source removed and some air movement, the odor typically is eliminated. If there are stubborn odors we have ozone and hydroxyl technology available. When a pet urinates indoors they are more likely to return to that spot to do it again. By cleaning the carpet regularly, the pet is dissuaded from urinating there again.

When Your Cat, Dog or Other Critter Makes a Stain On Your Carpet,
it is Best to Call the Professionals.

Most of the pet stains that we come across are from a pet urinating or defecating on the carpet. Many dogs however secrete oils from their bellies which will eventually discolor the carpet fibers. Our furry friends also track in dirt and grime from the outside. At ServiceMaster we have state of the art equipment and spot removal solutions that have been engineered specifically for each type of stain. Our IICRC trained technicians can use these detergents or enzymes to digest the organic matter. It is then removed with our powerful truck mounted extraction units. This will improve the life of you carpet greatly as well as have a profound impact on your indoor air quality.

Cat Urine

Cat urine is terrible, terrible stuff. Many times cat urine is not able to be removed from porous material. At ServiceMaster we have special urine digesting enzymes but there is a limit to how far they can reach into a carpet and pad. Our suggestion usually is to have the pad removed if there is an excess of cat urine on it. If it has seeped to the subfloor you may be able to seal it with an oil based sealer, but sometimes that subfloor has to be removed as well. We cannot guarantee cat urine removal. Oftentimes, the urine dries and crystallizes. When it gets wet or if there is high humidity, that odor will return.